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    Condeleeza Rice

    This is an outrage. Just because I happen to own zillions of shares of ChevronTexaco stock and they named an oil tanker after me, you have no right to implicate me as part of some conspiracy to profit from the War on Terror. Besides, ChevronTexaco only reported $3.2 billion dollars in profit last quarter on revenues of $41 billion.

    Usama bin Ladin

    Because you all fear me so much, I have come out of my foxhole and just made a speech to make your stock market crash and scare everybody into voting for George Bush because the dude is helping me recruit new members and inspiring our movement to spread faster than your version of corporate imperialist greed-based fascist democracy for the wealthy and powerful. I know that you are afraid to change leadership in mid-course. Bring it on and keep living in fear. Enjoy your Patriot Acts II, III, IV, etc. You can chop our heads off, but we will grow like weeds until you deal with the roots of our problems. We want freedom too. You seem to be running from it. Yes, to you we are fanatical deranged terrorists, but we think of ourselves as zealous freedom fighters, like your ancestors were 200 some odd years ago, telling your King George then to go to heck. It is very ironic, but whatever. Bring it on. Allah is on our side.

    Marion Cran

    .... if I wanted to have a happy garden, I must ally myself with my soil; study and help
    it to the utmost, untiringly. .... Always, the soil must come first.

    Chauncey Gardener

    One man's weed is another man's plant. It is better to pull weeds out with their roots than to use electric weed-cutters that spread the pollen and start new weeds.

    Jerry Feelwell

    O-sama, Allah is not on your side. And Allah isn't God. God is God and Jesus is his son. And God and Jesus are both on our side. If you were with the Moral Majority, you would have tanks and planes and conventional weaponry like smart bombs, and your soldiers would wear uniforms and only kill civilians by accident.

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