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    An online community I set up on NING for eradicating bogus bug eradication programs, and preventing crop dusters from flying over the San Francisco Bay Area.
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I'm a gardener that works in the garden.


I like to plant things in the garden then help them to grow. When I find weeds in the garden, I make sure to take out them out by the roots. I think it is important to plant in good soil, avoid pesticides, and give plants just the right amount of water and sunshine.


Camping far away from civilization, climbing rocky precipices, bouldering, riding waves at Ocean Beach, mountain biking on my Karakoram, traveling to places where nobody understands me (don't have to go far for that), eating gourmet organic food, working at home, playing at work, vacationing everywhere else, racquetball, protesting wars, picking guitar, beating on drums, twiddling on the piano keys, hanging out with my family, playing chess and arm-wrestling with my kids, chasing their Mom on the beach, gardening in the garden, reading, writing, rythmatic, painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.