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    George Bushwacker

    Sounds like you democrats is poor loozers.

    Kevin Krejci

    George. Thanks for your post. I might be a poor loser, but I am not a sworn Democrat. I believe in the principles of fiscal responsibility that Republicans have historically touted, and believe in the respect they used to have for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I believe in less government, but your cuts to government seem limited to education, public transportation, and environmental regulation. You have a half trillion for your offense budget and now you want another $70B for Iraq? You're running up record deficits that our kids will have to pay for with great interest. I can go on and on. There are 103 reasons listed on this site. Those are just a few reasons I didn't vote for you. If I had a few years, I'd create my own list too, but hope you get the point. I realize you are decisive and don't care much about what the world thinks, or even 49% of your local voters, but remember, the best CEOs listen to their customers and their employees. Maybe you should do the same even just a little bit, even if you did win this election fair and square.

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