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    Attorney General Alberto

    Dear Suspicious One,

    Thanks for the letter. I was able to find your blog after reading it, and find the rest of what you write very offensive and potentially dangerous. You have to understand that the terrorists hate us because of our freedoms. Since the Patriot Act, they haven't attacked us. Do the math on that...

    Yours Truly,


    Chauncey Gardener

    If you have weeds in the garden, it is better to take them out with their roots in tact. If you use a weed-cutter to cut all the plants in the garden, you will not have much more to harvest in the Spring.

    Dick Chainy

    If you've gotta problem with wiretaps without warrants, talk to my secretary, and she'll arrange a little hunting expedition so I can help you see the light on this subject.

    Kevin Krejci

    So who owns who? I think the real issue is that we are paying taxes to cover your expenses, and you report to US, not the other way around, Al and Dick. Chauncey is right, if you're approach is to go on these fishing expeditions, unchecked, listening to who knows who about God knows what, you could at least follow the law and get a warrant. Besides, I thought you have a big Department of Homeland Stupidity that is supposed to be handling that for you. Get to the root of the problem.


    Alberto, line up a tap on this blogger. He's an obvious security thret. Whatever happened to just trusting your prezident? I took an oath when I signed up fer this job. If you can't trust me, who CAN you trust?? In times of terror, we need honest leeders like me who can do their job without oversite. They complained I wasn't connectin' the dots before. Now, I'm connectin' the dots and there still complainin'. Bunch a winers.

    Pink Panther

    You ain't connectin' the dots, Mr. Dub. Your just collectin' them.

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